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Making Tired Eyes Smile System - Product Image

Making Tired Eyes Smile System

(650 pages) This language arts system invites and teaches a facilitator the art of creating stories and composing poetry with seniors who sit on the edge of memories. The language arts system marshals the energies of a circle of friends with Alzheimer's to sweetly and succinctly capture creative thoughts. Every thing a facilitator needs to support the Making Tired Eyes Smile System is a mouse click away. Add a flip chart and six to ten friends are ready for creative expression.
Price:   $103.50 

Tutorial - Product Image


The Tutorial is the backbone of Making Tired Eyes Smile®. A philosophical foundation supports the steps for the facilitator to follow to successfully entice stories and poetry from a circle of friends. It is doubtful the desired results including respect, validation, joy and friendship could be maximized without its instructions. (94 pages)
Price:   $43.50 

Lesson Plans Package - 48 Plans - Product Image

Lesson Plans Package - 48 Plans

A lesson plan places in the hands of a facilitator a structured conversation. The details of the plan answer, "What are we going to share today? A lesson plan is the tool that draws out expressions where many think none exist. The Tutorial is mandatory reading for optimal outcomes. The lesson plans are offered in a variety of formats to give the facility flexibility in budgeting and customizing the system to individual goals of the facility. All lessons plans provide picture cues (except Other traditions), poetry, handouts and closing stories. Aids are sized for printing.
Price:   $43.50 

12 Bonus Lesson Plans - Product Image

12 Bonus Lesson Plans

These twelve plans supplement months with five weeks and provide alternatives that may better match the likes of the circle of friends. Armed Service / Birds / Birthday / Christmas / Church / Dancing / Family Friends / Pets / Weather / Wedding / Youth Sports (92 pages)
Price:   $15.00 

Celebrations' Bakers Dozen Lesson Plans (included in 48 plans) - Product Image

Celebrations' Bakers Dozen Lesson Plans (included in 48 plans)

New Year's / St. Valentine's Day / St. Patrick's Day / Easter / Mother's Day Memorial Day/ Father's Day / the Fourth of July / Labor Day / Halloween / Veterans Thanksgiving / Christmas (114 pages)
Price:   $16.50 

Monthly Lesson plans - Product Image

Monthly Lesson plans

Go to the upper left corner of the page and choose the Monthly Lessons section. Each is $5 and 40-45 pages.
Price:   $0.00 

Other Traditions Lesson Plans - Product Image

Other Traditions Lesson Plans

Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa traditions expand the offerings to our circles of friends. At this time these lesson plans are missing picture cues. A facilitator may supplement a plan with symbols / paraphernalia representative of the tradition. All the other components for the lesson plans are presented. (34 pages)
Price:   $2.50 

Readings to Prompt Conversations in Family Support Groups - Product Image

Readings to Prompt Conversations in Family Support Groups

Readings: To Prompt Conversations in a Family Support Group for Alzheimer's is a story opportunity for family members. Story is a safe way to gently challenge existing perceptions and to move the family member to conversations for opening wider to the possibilities that still reside within for the loved one. (22 pages)
Price:   $20.50 

The Sampler - Outline of key concepts with  6 lessons - Product Image

The Sampler - Outline of key concepts with 6 lessons

The Sampler is a quick study of Making Tired Eyes Smile®. It is an outline of the principal concepts with six plans including picture cues and aids. It introduces six of the language arts skills to a circle of friends in a graduated presentation. A facilitator may use it to introduce the system to a circle of friends. This is also an economical way to test the potential of this program for a facility. A facility downloads The Sampler and experiments with the possibilities of Making Tired Eyes Smile for its residents. (54 pages)
Price:   $24.50 

Leave an Activity Skill Cards with Quotes (60) - Product Image

Leave an Activity Skill Cards with Quotes (60)

Making Tired Eyes Smile brings our friends with Alzheimer's a handmade 60-card deck of skills and inspirational words. These cards present 6 language skills (True/false, Same or different?, Word in a word, What does not belong?, What is it? And What letter is missing?) that softly engage a friend with Alzheimer's. Each weekly card is backed with a quote of comforting words. Instructions included assist in the success. The cards are suitable for an in home activity or in a memory unit. (43 pages)
Price:   $10.00 

Special Groupings Poems - Product Image

Special Groupings Poems

A Collection of Poems: Recitations in Unison brings together all the poems in the system. Poetry binds all the people. Whether it is whimsical or serious the beauty of the words set in a cadence charm. There are a variety of ways the poems could be used. One, as a stand-alone book on poetry. Two, as a skill-stretching lesson. Or three as a group recitation. Every poem within Making Tired Eyes Smile® is presented in a format suitable for duplication for the storytellers. (149 pages)
Price:   $14.50 

Special Groupings Stories - Product Image

Special Groupings Stories

My Family: Stories to Prompt Stories for Those Whose Stories Are Fading is a collection of short stories from the system about LaRee's mom and dad. Everyone loves to be read to. Look at the explosion in books on tape. The friends in our circles love stories. Her family stories are links to the family stories of others. (120 pages)
Price:   $14.50 

In Addition Diary - My Unedited and Uneven Steps - Product Image

In Addition Diary - My Unedited and Uneven Steps

The Diary: My Unedited and Uneven Steps on the Rough Terrain of Alzheimer's (Annotated) is LaRee's diary on the happenings in her circle of friends. The diary promotes understanding of the breadth of experiences that are within a circle of friends. Not only will a facilitator learn from the sharing, but also the caregivers and family members may come to know a joy in the disease that few find. The diary also includes the author's personal entries as a caregiver on the rough terrain of Alzheimer's. These entries validate the rainbow of emotions all caregivers experience. (166 pages)
Price:   $14.50 

In Addition Weaving Whimsy - Product Image

In Addition Weaving Whimsy

Weaving Whimsy is a delightful collection of actual stories and poems created by a circle of friends. This collection is a wonderful piece to share as a means to open up the preconceived boundaries of the disease. Activity directors may consider creating a book like it to gift to the family members or as a marketing piece / fundraiser for the facility. (34 pages)
Price:   $5.00 

In Addition - We are Thankful - Product Image

In Addition - We are Thankful

We Are Thankful is a one-page collection of expressions of gratitude from a circle of friends. The reader will be surprised at the blessings our friends with Alzheimer's reveal. It is suitable for framing. (1 page)
Price:   $5.00 

LaRee Ewers
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